IJFAB’s current CFP, extended to April 1

If you’re sitting on a nigh-done draft of something of interest to feminist bioethicists:

Please consider submitting for IJFAB Open Issue 6.1, deadline extended!

Vol 6, No. 1: Open Issue

The deadline for submission for this issue is April 1, 2012.

Vol. 6, No. 1 is an open issue. We welcome submissions on all topics in feminist bioethics

  • Articles should not exceed 8,000 words (roughly 32 manuscript pages). Shorter articles are welcome. Additional instructions for authors are available in the style guidelines.
  • Conversations provides a forum for public dialogue on particular issues in bioethics. Scholars engaged in fruitful exchanges are encouraged to share those discussions here. Submissions for this section should be limited to 3000 words.
  • Commentaries offers an opportunity for short analyses (under 2000 words) of specific policy issues, legislation, court decisions, or other contemporary developments within bioethics.
  • Book reviews are typically solicited; however, we strongly encourage authors to submit their books to the Book Review Editor for consideration for review. We also invite proposals for review essays that survey several texts in a particular field. Books and inquiries should be directed to the Book Review Editor: Chris La Barbara, Department of Humanities, Colby-Sawyer College, 541 Main Street, New London, NH 03257, clabarbera@colby-sawyer.edu.

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Update on “A Lesbian Goes into a Church”

The original post is here, and the update is here.  Put briefly, Fr Guarnizo, who had refused communion to Barbara Johnson,  has had his “priestly faculties” removed until the accuracy of charges against him are determined.  The charges are said to have nothing to do with his behavior during the funeral.  Rather, they are concerned with very negative behavior concerning the parish staff and others that is alleged against him.

While Johnson had requested that he be removed, it is not obvious that the current action will give her much solace.  She is now considered on some conservative Roman Catholic blogs to be an agent of the devil.  Such views could well create a horrible climate for her.

One thing that is interesting is to look at the language of the conservative discussions.  It does look as though some people are operating with an ontology that is radically at odds with modern science.  On the other hand, “acts of the devil” could be a metaphor and not refer to any extra-natural agency.  See here, for example.  Others  accept Guarnizo’s version of the events and see the “Satanic Obama” administration at work. 

These views are mostly in the comments, where one can also see more moderate voices.


Thanks to Occasional Lurker for the update.

New feminist philosophy wiki

Bryce Huebner has created a feminist philosophy wiki to which he invites everyone to add themselves, describing what they’re working on, topics they supervise, etc. A few of us have filled in a bit for ourselves to get it started. If this gets widely used, it could become a really wonderful resource. So obviously I hope that it will get widely used! Bryce writes:

I would really like this to be the sort of resource where people can go to see what people are working on everywhere and to get a feel for the sorts of issues that they are likely to find people working on in each department where there is a feminist philosophy contingent.

I would also ask you to request that people play nice with one another on the wiki, and especially that they not delete other people’s hard work. This is intended as a useful and non-judgmental resource. I am hoping to be able to include feminist philosophers of all types and stripes, and I hope that everyone can contribute in an open and productive way.

Finally, I would also ask you to mention that people should be sure to modify the “home page” and to add a link to their department once they have updated that page. This process is incredibly simple, and it basically requires typing the name of the department and then clicking to add a link–the link should show up nearly automatically unless I have neglected to add a department. I have tried to add a huge list of departments as I am the only one who can do so, but I have also noted that I am willing to add any others that I may have missed (I tried to add everything from Leiter’s list of feminist friendly departments and from the Pluralist guide–though I may well have missed some).

So if you do feminist philosophy, do go add yourself! I’m excited to watch this grow.