Oops, all male line up, sorry! we might just do it again?

Look at this conference on extended cognition and epistemology, not exactly a field where there are no women available whatsoever.

What is interesting is this quote from the site:

Apology :: The organizers of the conference sincerely regret the gender imbalance in the list of contributors. They admit that they should have, before the list of contributions became final, taken more proactive measures to guarantee a better gender balance in the special issue/conference line-up.

The “gender imbalance” being that all of the 11 speakers are male.

That’s indeed quite an “imbalance”.

What I miss in the “apology” (I guess I can put that in quotes too) is the intention to never let something as embarassing as this happen ever again. I probably should be happy they “regret” it in the first place?

Maybe I am overly sensitive.

Vasectomy amendment

The awesome Constance Johnson (Oklahoma state senator) has proposed an amendment noting that “Thousands of children are deprived of birth in this state every year because of the lack of state regulation over vasectomies”, and working to save these birth-deprived children.

For more discussion go here. And for the bill itself in all its glory go here.

(Thanks, A!)