Republicans attack Obamacontent

From the fabulous FauxPhilNews

“If you want content, you fix it yourself,” said Romney, kicking off a long series of comments on individual responsibility…

Socialism wasn’t the only allegation leveled against Obama, however, as his theory’s reliance on a “division of linguistic labor” or “semantic deference” was attacked as well. ”You don’t need some Ivy League-educated doctor to tell you what you mean when you say that your arthritis is acting up,” said Romney. ”In fact, I’ve got a bit of arthritis myself right now,” he continued, pointing to his thigh. ”Today it’s just ‘arthritis,’ but tomorrow they’ll say that you don’t even know what your own name means,” added a visibly upset Santorum.

2 thoughts on “Republicans attack Obamacontent

  1. I’ll throw out a tentative chuckle at this one. I still can’t get past wondering if those Bob JonesU types actually do have some version of this absurd “give more to those who have more and those who have less will also magically have more” line of thinking as it pertains to knowledge and not just wealth.

    Don’t some of those home-schooled religious weirdos justify “beating the sin out of children” with the belief that personalities aren’t learned, but created and dropped into the machine-body by god, and can magically be rescued from ‘demonic contamination’ by mere proximity to a ‘holy person’? Kinda like what the right claims to believe will happen to the ‘contaminated’ poor if the govt. gives more money to the wealthy corporations?

    Speculations about creepy religious weirdness aside, the spoof on the right’s rhetoric was pretty funny.

  2. Nope. I’m taking back everything I said in #1. I just googled Putnam like the commenters at FauxPhilNews suggested to dude who stepped in it. I’m still with him. I still don’t get it. Toldya Mind was my worst subject. Philosophy in Literature was my second worst.

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