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These Sunday Cats are Scientists March 18, 2012

Filed under: Uncategorized — redeyedtreefrog @ 6:26 am

from the Cat Scientists of the 1960s Tumbler, of course.


3 Responses to “These Sunday Cats are Scientists”

  1. Rob C Says:

    PZ Meyowrs.

  2. annejjacobson Says:

    This is so eeiry. I swear I’ve seen one or two of them at workbenches in labs.

  3. Although it could happen in any country in the world in any time period, it seems that it’s been happening in this part of the world quite often in the last 1000 or so years. It appears that science is under fire in Italy. Currently scientists don’t know all they need to know about what makes the earth shake, but they do know one thing for sure; it’s not the gods, or a God who is doing it. Earthquakes are quite common in quite a few parts of our world, and we’ve come to expect this.

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