Meat is for men

Writing this post prompted some reflection on how strongly we gender stereotype food and eating. (It also, for the record, still prompts giggles: I can be reflective and ridiculous at the same time.)

So here, for your enjoyment, is a collection of gender nonsense to remind you that meat is for men:


The stereotypes even cross cultural boundaries!


Real men eat meat. Meat is for men.

Whereas, as discussed previously, women laugh alone while eating salad.


5 thoughts on “Meat is for men

  1. Looking at the burger king commercial that starts out in the fancy restaurant, the plate of tiny bits and pieces shown as being “female” was probably created, cooked and plated by a male chef. A lot of the precocious food trends and top haute cuisine restaurants, whether you’re talking “foams” or restaurants like Alinea or Nobu or French Laundry, are created by male chefs. And though women are breaking into this world, for example Lydia Shire ran the staid and traditional Boston Locke-Ober for years, it is still a male dominated world. And yet it’s portrayed as feminine, like quiche.

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