And then there are really big mistakes

Like this one.  A medal being awarded to an athlete from Kazakhstan in Kuwait.  Unfortunately, the national anthem played is a parody from the film “Borat”.



If you want to assure yourself that the lyrics are really completely inappropriate and obscene, you can have a look at this:


The athlete, Maria Dmitrienko, gave a class act on the podium.

5 thoughts on “And then there are really big mistakes

  1. an outrage and an insult. Does not matter whether or not it was deliberate – still an outrage and an insult. Maria Dmitrienko was magnificent – obviously disconcerted, but maintained dignity. A class act indeed.

  2. j, they did hold another, proper ceremony. The mistake, though, was just outrageous.

  3. I felt so sad for her watching it. what should be such a great moment for her, and instead they play a song about prostitutes, and she’s forced to stand there looking dignified thru it. it’s horrible.

  4. I’m wondering if there’s another take on it. The people from Kazakhstan that I know say they find Borat very funny; it is way, way over the top and so to some extent not something anyone could believe.

    I’ve been trying to think what would happen if I were receiving some big award in some other country and the band broke into “Dixie”. Texas is apparently part of Dixie and having this happen is not totally impossible. You can heard a very early recording of the song here: Most recordings of the song have been judged too offensive to remain on youtube.

    I don’t know if I’d feel very bad. It’s their mistake, after all. And in the current case, to some extent to ‘target’ of the mistake is as much the team and the country, as opposed to her individually.

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