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Curing Feminists? March 23, 2012

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photo shoot from Maxim

For the full Maxim piece, click here.

Personally, I like the militant, protesting unshaving, vegan the best.

This came across, posted by many people, on facebook so I’m not sure who to credit. Anyone know? Someone commented that this says something about men’s magazines. “This is a recent study finding that people can’t tell the language of men’s mags and convicted rapists apart, and men even identify more with the rapists’ words.” http://www2.surrey.ac.uk/mediacentre/press/2011/69535_are_sex_offenders_and_lads_mags_using_the_same_language.htm


3 Responses to “Curing Feminists?”

  1. mattdrabek Says:

    I think my favorite part is that Maxim just couldn’t bring itself to take a picture of a woman who actually has hairy pits. It looks to me like that pic is photoshopped.

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  3. Alan Says:

    And what magazine was involved in the Hendricks case?

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