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Bike riding in traffic and women in academia compared March 25, 2012

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Great post on the Canadian feminist academia blog: “You know how a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle? Well, I was riding into the office on my bicycle just yesterday, and I was thinking, instead, how riding a bicycle in traffic is like being a female academic. Consider it!” Read/ride on here.

I love the examples. Terrific work, Hook and Eye.


7 Responses to “Bike riding in traffic and women in academia compared”

  1. elp Says:

    I like this a lot! especially because being a cyclist in traffic is such a source of pride–virtuous courage to feel proud of. It seems psychologically useful to think of ourselfs in this way.

  2. Yes, yes, yes! Get into the center lane to make those left turns and show ’em that a bicycle isn’t a kid’s toy!

  3. JW Says:

    This might be of interest. I’m not sure how it affects the metaphor, but it may be safer to be a female cyclist. See http://www.bhsi.org/walkerstudy.htm and http://www.eta.co.uk/2011/04/01/safest-bicycle-helmet-has-built-wig.

  4. annejjacobson Says:

    I wish I had that fish’s balance.

  5. […] Bike riding in traffic and women in academia compared […]

  6. rubayet Says:

    bike ridding is preserve a healthy environment.which is very easy to go any where.

  7. Matt Says:

    Is that a diet consious fish or what.

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