8 thoughts on “Protect your teenagers

  1. Oh Geez… Fearing for our retirement, my partner and I have been whispering to the children in their sleep since day one: Cee… Eee… Ooo… Cee… Eee… Ooo…

    Pity the children brought up as critical thinkers with values and loyalties higher than the local powers that be, who, destined to be targets of mobbers of all ilks, will live a life of ostracism and punishment. Save em’! Get ’em hooked on drugs early, I say.

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  3. Clever. I know this will seem picky to some, but the superfluous comma after the subject in the lower left panel ruins it for me. After all, this piece is supposed to appeal to thinkers. While philosophy and punctuation are not synonymous, a critique of modern culture that tries to promote thoughtful dialogue ought to get the latter right, don’t you think?

  4. TG, yes and no. In their defense they may be worried about whether many people can understand ten word sentences.

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