Spring, and a young man’s fancy

lightly turns to thoughts of ogling women.  As does no-longer-young men’s fancy, apparently. A column in the Globe and Mail argues that men should not stop staring at women.  Which is good because, according to the author, they can’t.

This post at Jezebel (thanks, D.E.!) offers a critical analysis of just why this argument should convince women who think they aren’t objects that both man and nature know otherwise.

3 thoughts on “Spring, and a young man’s fancy

  1. Thanks Jezebel. The Ian Brown piece made me ill. Definitely creepy and I don’t think looking is always creepy. But that was.

  2. Ian Brown is deceived about the roots of perversion.

    In fact, (some) research shows gawking at females is one of the most stressful activities in which men take part. Also relevant, as Sapolsky details in “Trouble with Testosterone”, is ejaculation itself: a powerful stress response from sympathetic efferents (with increase in prolactin!)

    So the male perv is focused on external ejaculations and will gawk, make comments, get angry to increase stress. I try to avoid them and their macho antics as much as possible.

    The key for them would be to climax internally also known as moving n’um in (some) Bushman cultures, tantra in (some) Buddhist cultures, kundalini in yoga, jing in Taoism, etc. etc. From my perspective, this means the male practitioner achieves something like the vagal response shown in fmri orgasm studies of spinal-cord-injured females.

    But that will never happen as these practices are completely marginalized/ridiculed in western society (westerners often think tantra means MORE external ejaculations lolz) and in their place we have the worship of external ejaculation and objectification of females (pornography, advertising, etc.)…and so we have one of the most angry, stressed-out group of males ever to walk the earth. Of course, this perspective is always supported by the pseudoscientific worldview (to which Brown’s friend suscribes) that evolution makes perversion acceptable–this is usually accompanied by the ridicule of any nonwestern practice as new-agey/invalid without the consent of the white/elite scientific establishment.

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