Knitting and Science

Here at FP, we love what happens when traditional womanly crafting skills meet science (or beards). So here’s another to add to the series – sadly, I’m not sure where it’s from. A friend randomly posted this on Facebook. But behold, and enjoy…Image 

UPDATED TO ADD: The pattern can be found (and purchased) on Ravelry. The designers name is Alana Noritake. Thanks to Marianne for supplying this info!

8 thoughts on “Knitting and Science

  1. Unfortunately, I think it would take me to wear something like this for some (very immediate) colleagues to even acknowledge I do have a brain…

  2. I can’t knit or crochet (which given my Mom’s former expertise at both is a shame) but where can I buy one? I simply love this.

  3. I want this! Although, come to think of it, it might be a bit too attractive in the ZA.

  4. Not all scientists have beards! This may surprise you, but women can be scientist too.

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