5 thoughts on “Canada’s first woman computer programmer

  1. This quote shows people can break from schemas : “They tried various other questions, questions from other tests, questions they used for more advanced candidates. Gwen answered as best she could. The men were amazed. To their credit, once they became convinced that she hadn’t faked her results, they knew she would be a great hire. They recommended her for training as a programmer analyst, the most senior position being filled. She completed the training and became one of the first women to program computers in Canada. Gwen would go on to lead a number of large computerization projects in the insurance industry as well as for the City of Toronto.” Thanks RMC.

  2. Cool story.
    I wonder why programming has such a big gender imbalance. Getting worse, too — it wasn’t so bad when my wife started working as a programmer.
    I don’t think Canada is doing any better addressing the techie gender imbalance than the US is. Maybe Toronto’s Gr8 Designs for Gr8 Girls will help.

  3. Computer programming has such a huge gender imbalance because the IT industry is actively hostile towards women in ways that even other branches of engineering aren’t. Browse around http://geekfeminism.org/ for stories from the trenches.

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