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If households budgeted like the GOP March 30, 2012

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(Thanks, S!)


4 Responses to “If households budgeted like the GOP”

  1. Carl M. Johnson Says:

    “I propose we work more to pay the bills.”
    “No! Let’s work less! Then we’ll have more spare time to figure out how to get rid of all these bills.”

  2. Carl M. Johnson Says:

    Working more just encourages us to spend more! You’ve got to starve the beast. Anyway, we’ll make more money by working less, since we’ll get more for each hour we do work.

  3. mm Says:

    “Let’s invade our neighbors. We can put the costs of the guns and ammo on the visa card.”

  4. sissystars Says:

    Didn’t Swift have some ideas, here?

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