Interview with Linda Alcoff

at NewAPPS.

On being hired as a cure for sexual harassment:

Several faculty members outside philosophy had known about the problem and had assumed hiring a woman would solve the problem, as if a young fresh Ph.D. would be able to ‘fix it’ by herself! I was furious at the older faculty who assumed I could have this thrown my way in my first year while I was trying to learn the ropes as a teacher, but I was also moved by the sad tales of students. I counseled them with the usual advice: keep records, write things down, make a report. They were terrified, wanting to stay in the profession without making enemies, and looked to me again to solve the problem.

What did you do?

So I made the decision to seek another job, then blow the whistle, or at least share what information I had with the Provost. I was able to land another job, uprooting my family again in the space of a year, and spilled the beans. I left, and he left soon after, both, as it turned out, to greener pastures.

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