Let us send all our very best wishes to the new APA director!

email from Michael Bratman:

I am pleased and excited to announce that Amy Ferrer will become the new Executive Director of the APA, effective August 1, 2012. The choice of Ms. Ferrer was the result of an extensive and intensive search procedure, one that involved interviews both at the 2012 Central APA meetings and later at the APA’s national office at the University of Delaware. Ms. Ferrer comes to the APA with a background in non-profit administration. She has a master’s degree in public policy and administration from the University of Massachusetts, and she has worked in non-profit administration for more than 8 years. Most recently Ms. Ferrer served as Associate Director of the Bill of Rights Defense Committee in Northampton, Massachusetts, where her work included communications and publications, media relations, office management, fundraising and grant management, program development, and project management. She also has extensive experience in the use of online resources to promote effective communication and outreach. She impressed the search committee as a person with the kind of intelligence, initiative, reliability, managerial skills, energy and passion, leadership skills, and interpersonal and organizational savvy to lead us in our efforts over these next years to build a preeminent learned society, one that serves all of our members and functions with distinction in this new century. Please join with me in welcoming Ms. Ferrer to the APA and in wishing her the very best as she works closely with the APA Board, the APA committees and task forces, the APA staff, and, most generally, the members of the APA.

I also hope she reads the following blogs:
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  1. profbigk, I think your comment came in as I was commenting on JT’s. I enthusiastically share your view.

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