Kudos to Amy Kind and the PAC APA 2012 program committee

I’ve been trying to find time to go back over the program to compile a good list of all the ways that the APA, 2012, seemed to be wonderfully friendly for women philosophers. Certainly, it helped a lot that the Carus Lectures, the Dewey Lecture and the Presidential lecture were given by such outstanding women philosophers. But there was a lot more that distinguished it from much earlier ones, where women in clusters were complaining about our evident role as outsiders.

This year it was the closest to an inclusive APA conference that I’ve seen in a long time.

Of course, there are many I haven’t seen. I expect there is a turn taking place in the APA, and other division conferences will be reflecting this also. So rather than suggest the others are behind, let me instead compare this year with how the 2008 Pacific APA seemed, to me at least. And that’s easy because I put up a video that served as a visual/musical metaphor. Unfortunately, the wonderfully apt tune was under some sort of protection and another much gentler music is substituted. So if you want to recreate a metaphor for the 2008, do follow these steps: (1) start the top video; (2) turn the sound on the video (NOT your computer) way down; (3) start the second video at loud. Ouch, that’s what it felt like.

One thought on “Kudos to Amy Kind and the PAC APA 2012 program committee

  1. Question: I’m the program chair in2014 for the pacific APA. Any concrete advice on what I can do to make that year’s inclusive as this year’s was under Amy?

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