If you’re a woman in logic, take part!

The original creator of the ‘Women in Logic’ list is once again inspired:  Why wait to be added to lists of women in logic, when you can now add your own information to an editable source? See Catarina’s post at NewAPPS for the full instructions, but here’s the quick version explaining her initiative:

I decided to experiment with a new format: a Google docs spreadsheet which can be viewed and edited by anyone, so that everyone can add themselves and others…

So PLEASE pass on the info as widely as you can, add yourself to the list if you are a woman working in logic (but only those already having obtained their PhDs), and encourage all your female colleagues and friends who are logicians to add themselves to the list asap! And do let me know if you encounter technical problems while adding names to the list.

3 thoughts on “If you’re a woman in logic, take part!

  1. Thanks for the plug! And ‘is once again inspired’ made my day, hehe…

    So far, very few people seem to be adding themselves to the list; I wonder if people feel shy or something? As we know that women tend to walk around with a general feeling of ‘inadequacy’, I suspect that extra amounts of encouragement might be needed for some people, so please make sure to tell friends and colleagues that they absolutely must be on the list!

  2. No worries, Catarina, it’s partly the time of year — April really is the cruelest month. Interaction will pick up when people get a chance to breathe.

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