Advice to North American Visitors to the UK

One of the most important things one wants to do in a visit to the UK is to recharge one’s computer. For the second time recently I have been sent into a panic by by forgetting stage four. So I will spell it out for all who may experience the same alarm as I did.

First, of course, you need to get an adapter.
Secondly, you need to plug the computer into the adapter, which you plug into the socket.
Thirdly, you need to turn the socket on. This is too often the first step I forget. The “on” switch is often next to the socket.

But suppose the computer is still not charging. You are using Skype to talk to your family, and suddenly it seems it may be the last time you can do that. The computer is still not charging.

That’s when step 4 becomes crucial.

4. Jiggle the adapter in the socket. I’m told this is only required for places that are very old and were rewired 20 or so years ago. Whatever it is, jiggling can be absolutely essential. Unless you want a very good excuse for being out of touch.