On Race, Empire, and the Idea of Human Development

If you’ve ever struggled with researching or teaching questions of globalization, development, imperialism, and Kant’s and Mill’s conceptions of human development, civilization, and race, you might wish to check out the Symposia for Gender, Race and Philosophy (SGRP), which has posted its Winter 2012 Symposium.

The Symposium is on Thomas McCarthy’s Race, Empire and the Idea of Human Development (Cambrige 2009). For really fascinating (short, free!) commentary, see SGRP’s posted pieces by Matthias Fritsch, Ladelle McWhorter, David Scott, Lorenzo Simpson and Jack Turner, along with Thomas McCarthy’s response.

One thought on “On Race, Empire, and the Idea of Human Development

  1. Thanks for publicizing the link! Also, stay tuned…We will soon be publishing a symposium on Charlotte Witt’s new book _The Metaphysics of Gender_ with Mari Mikkola, Asta Sveinsdottir and Ann Cudd, with reply by Charlotte.

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