So many gendered conferences, so little time….

UPDATE: Interfaces of the Mind is no longer all-male. The organiser would also like us to know that this was the result of concerted efforts from the start finally paying off.

We’ve all been so swamped we haven’t been able to keep up with the Gendered Conference Campaign. But our wonderful readers have continued sending in contributions. So here are just a few all-male conferences that have recently been brought to our attention.

Nominalism: A Reassessment.

The Nature of Desire

Interfaces of the Mind.

The Life and Mathematical Sciences in Early Modernity

British Society for the Philosophy of Science.

Oh, and look, here’s an all-male volume on JL Austin.

One thought on “So many gendered conferences, so little time….

  1. At NewAPPS we’ve been running posts on at least some of these gendered conferences. It’s only fair that the ‘burden’ be shared :)

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