Now I get it!

Have you ever felt that, as a woman philosopher, there is something you are missing? This video suggests what that might be.

You probably do not want to play it at work. It really isn’t for children, I would say.

See here:

If you are in the States, don’t forget the Saturday rally!

Many, many thanks to our correspondent, JT.

Security, Protection, Self-Care: international Feminism’s agenda

Apparently a good amount of international peace and justice activists’ discourse is focused these days on issues about security, protection and self-care. At the same time, it can be difficult for policy makers to have much sense of the immense range of responsibilities women’s lives can involve; plans for a nation can too often neglect or work against women’s interests. In responding to this problem, women working for the security and protection of women in developing countries have, over the last several decades, developed a very nuanced and detailed agenda. It is still evolving, of course, but the recent meeting in Istanbul of the Association of Women’s Rights in Development seems to me to suggest an exciting and maturing convergence of agendas.

There is so much going on; so many questions being raised, so many action plans being developed. Follow through on some of the links from the conference, and see what you think.

I’m told there was not much Western presence. I think that is a situation we should think about critically. Many of the problems being discussed are not regional.

Bias in student evaluations

I’ve had a query from a reader wanting to know about studies of bias in student evaluations. Looking through past posts, I’ve found this on evaluations of fat female lectures. But I know there’s a lot of other stuff out there. Please let us know about it, with respect to any groups likely to be negatively stigmatised.