FEMMSS looks amazing!

Look at that program, or just ogle it below.  I could die of envy.  May 10-12, if you’re in the area, go!  If you go, let us know how fabulously it went!

Fourth Biennial meeting of the
Association for Feminist Epistemologies
Methodologies Metaphysics and Science Studies

May 10-12, 2012
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, Pennsylvania

Science, Politics, and Ethics of Climate Change

Lorraine Code
Michael Mann
Nancy Tuana
Barbara Whitten
Feminism and Argumentation
Khameiel Al Tamimi
Linda Carozza
Moira Howes
Catherine Hundleby
Jim L. Lang
Maureen Linker
The Mating Life of Geeks: Autism and the New Demography of Extreme Love
Jane Couperus
Jennifer Hamilton
Banu Subramanium
Angela Willey
Climate Science and Policy
Heidi Grasswick
Sandra Harding
Sarah Miller
Where Theory and Practice Meet: Pragmatists Feminism as a Means of Knowing and Doing Scientific Practice
Sharyn Clough
Nancy McHugh
Alessandra Tanesini