10 thoughts on “NC makes discrimination the law

  1. “The majority of North Carolinians voting today don’t believe that my civil marriage (legal depending on what state we travel to), should be recognized. While perhaps some subset probably didn’t know they were banning civil unions and domestic partnerships (at this point, one has to believe these folks are pretty dense), the most vocal proponents of Amendment One not only wanted to “protect marriage,” they wanted to punish lesbian and gay couples. Apparently even at the expense of economic development and jobs or collateral harms to unmarried opposite couples and children, or what will now be legal chaos over all of these harms and the possible impact on private contracts as well.

    It’s hard to view anyone who believes that is moral in any sense of the definition.

    But what they cannot do is shove our relationships back into a closet.

    From: http://pamshouseblend.firedoglake.com/2012/05/08/where-do-i-begin-its-just-the-beginning-for-north-carolina-after-the-passage-amendment-one/

  2. Anne – no, the post is just the photo (of a community organizer, his partner, and his mother when the result was announced).

  3. Magicalersatz,

    As the mother of a gay man, I can feel the fear in the mother’s face all too well. Even in relatively civilized Princeton my son’s life was threatened.

  4. I wrote my post on this before I saw your comment, but I mention it in a comment. It makes me very sad to think that the country’s moral compass has to be set by people hurting, as those in NC are.

    I can’t think of what action can be taken to help those in NC, but I hope there are some initiatives .

  5. That is a powerful photo. Jim Crow has mutated and reestablished itself in NC once again. Outrageous.

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