“Got Women” poster now available

  From Peggy DesAutels, chair of the APA Committee on the Status of Women:
The APA Committee on the Status of Women is please to open an online store! Our first product is a poster. When you purchase, be sure to select a large size so that you can read the names of those featured in the collage. If you are missing from the collage (and have a PhD in philosophy), please send a high-quality head-shot to apa.csw.mail@gmail.com to be included in future posters and products.There will be more products to follow (mugs, t-shirts, etc.).

12 thoughts on ““Got Women” poster now available

  1. Rutgers just bought a large one, framed and matted, to be prominently displayed in our seminar room!!!!

  2. I look foward to the t-shirts coming out. This would help promote women philosophers’ visibility. How about a Women in Philosophy Day? It would be great if there was an internationally declared day for us. We could all celebrate with local events on our campuses and elsewhere.

  3. Does anyone happen to know whether the words are visible in the 8.5×11 size? (I want to order one for my office door, but not sure which size/ratio is best.)

  4. I heard that the words are visible but NOT readable in the 8.5 x 11 and that one must get the Medium size to really be able to make them out.

  5. does anyone know if there is an internationally declared day to celebrate Women in Philosophy?

  6. I’m going to just assert that there’s not one. I could be wrong, but I feel confident about this!

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