6 thoughts on “Is this Feminist?

  1. “Feminists are permitted Diva Cups, used rags that are rewashed by hand, or just bleeding down their legs as we imagine our matriarchal ancestors did.”
    I used to work for a UK magazine called Ethical Consumer, which many years ago featured an article looking (as all its articles do) at the environmental etc impacts of a specific product group – in this case sanpro. The accompanying cartoon (I think by SEG – Sarah Guthrie) had a caption along the lines of “I wish I could be as ethical as Sue – she just drips”. It may have been superceded by now, but this got more complaints and cancelled subs that anything involving reports of grotesque human rights abuses, vile animal testing behaviour etc etc etc…
    Ho hum.

  2. It was the laundry one that completely killed me. I shouldn’t laugh so loud at work!

  3. Wait, you were *laughing*? As well all know, laughing signals a lack of seriousness about gender issues. PROBLEMATIC.

  4. Monkey, the floor you roll on is your avoidance of the glass ceiling, and your desire to lose your ass is hostile to your own body: PROBLEMATIC!

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