Disney’s Brave Child-Heroine is Mattel’s Sexy Doll

I never thought, when I joined this blog, that we’d need a “sexy doll for kids” label, but actually, there’s some good news in with the bad: While Mattel makes a doll based on the strong and gutsy girl in Brave which looks, as one blogger says, like the character’s hotter, older sister, Disney actually offers dolls and toys which emphasize her more youthful and active qualities. “Merida is described as passionate and fiery. She is most at home in the outdoors honing her impressive athletic skills as an archers and swordfighter, and racing across the Highlands on her Clydesdale.”


5 thoughts on “Disney’s Brave Child-Heroine is Mattel’s Sexy Doll

  1. It’s interesting that Disney/Mattel think they can get away with making a sexed up version of a doll if they just add in the words “brave” and “firey” to the doll’s description. When I was a little girl, I favored the dolls that were cute and simple. I was the little girl who ripped the heads off of Barbies, not because I hated them, but because I couldn’t relate to them; they were a disposable toy for me. Eventually, I did become obsessed with Barbie, right around the time I became obsessed with my own body image, which was too early in my life if you ask me.

    I would love to just see a doll out there for little girls that encourages them to embrace their own body image and not that of some towering, sexed up Barbie.

  2. Actually, amandameetsbook, it is Mattel that made the sexed-up version. Disney, in contrast, made a much more true-to-the-character version, age-appropriate and distinctive. I highly recommend reading the blog post and looking at the pictures of the Disney doll, which indeed does encourage something other than a towering Barbie.

  3. Anything to make a buck even if it hurts kids that dont fit the part. I think we all should be in good shape but not to the point your child dresses like a harlot . I dont have any girls but i teach my sons to that its better to marry nice woman then a mean one no matter how pretty she is

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