Shotwell to join Carleton University

Alexis Shotwell, author of Knowing Otherwise: Race, Gender, and Implicit Understanding, has accepted a position at Carleton University.  Interestingly, her position is not in the Philosophy department.  Instead, she will join the faculty of their Department of Sociology and Anthropology.  This strikes me as a lovely gain for Sociology and Anthropology; I am trying not to think of this as a loss to philosophy, and to take my lead from Alexis’ comment, “I find it inspiring!”  Surely we should find it invigorating that an excellent philosopher can contribute notably to analyses in other disciplines.  Way to go, Carleton University!  (And our sympathies to Laurentian University.)

9 thoughts on “Shotwell to join Carleton University

  1. This is wonderful news for Carleton!!! And it can hardly be a loss for philosophy–Feminist Philosophy is already well-represented in the Philosophy Dept at Carleton (which by the way with 54% female faculty is the most gender-balanced philosophy dept I have ever heard of), so I hope that a cross-appointment with Philosophy can be worked out in the very near future.

  2. Well, I’m an interested party here, but philosophy is not “losing” Alexis in any significant sense. We have to separate the place of employment from membership in the profession, and Alexis will still be the valuable member of the profession she’s always been.

  3. Speaking as someone who hopes to move to a different, non-philosophy dept, I agree with John. I do think for many of us, the disciplinary boundaries are of less significance than old administrative rules tend to have them.

  4. Hello Anne, I would nuance your statement (in a “friendly amendment” way, to be sure) by saying that membership in the discipline (or profession) of philosophy doesn’t depend on the internal administrative logic of a university (or any other place of employment) but on the type of work one does. Alexis (or you or I or …) will be a philosopher as long as she does (we do) philosophy, nor matter who signs her (our) paychecks.

  5. Indeed, well said, all! It is a good day for philosophy, and a great day for students at Carleton University.

  6. Yes, this is indeed wonderful news for my university and I look forward to welcoming her to Carleton!

  7. Rage, i removed your remark. We do not provide a forum for personal attacks.

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