More all-male conferences

UPDATE: The second conference has already been much discussed, as Sergio points out in comment. Very admirably, in my view, the organisers called attention to the all-male lineup and apologised for it. I failed to notice that this was the same conference when I blogged in haste earlier today, and I apologise for that. I think the organisers should be praised for openly acknowledging the problem, though, so I’ll take this opportunity to praise them again for that.

They just keep coming…

Ancient Skepticism, Voluntarism and Science.

Extended Cognition and Epistemology.

If you don’t know about the Gendered Conference Campaign, learn why we’re calling attention to these here.

7 thoughts on “More all-male conferences

  1. The best solution is to have all female conferences and to create an air of mystery, exclusivity and coolness around them, so that males will fight to get into them.

  2. Thanks, Sergio! I really regret listing it now, and will put an update on. I was one of those who thought the apology was an important step in the right direction. That’s what I get for trying to catch up on things in haste.

  3. I find it sometimes difficult to live with the fact that blogging is made possible for many of us by our not doing the sort of checking we expect in books and articles. That means we make public mistakes, sometimes of the sort we really don’t want to see. It’s really important to know they don’t come from ill-will.

    And when it’s Jender, you get a really good, non- begrudging apology.

  4. I really didn’t mean to imply that there was anything reprehensible, or irresponsible, or blameworthy in any way that Jender had accidentally posted again about this conference. Had I realized that it could have been read this way (as I obviously should), I would have said something about it in the original post. This is, of course, bound to happen from time to time. As everyone else (I hope) in the philosophical world, I am a big fan of Jender’s blogging.

  5. In positive news, here are two conferences that did a great job with having a lot of speakers, commentators, and participants who are women (the first is always good about this. The second is a metaphysics conference, and, as metaphysics is worse numbers-wise than a lot of sub-areas, it is particularly notable):

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