Fiction, Reproductive Rights, and Teens

Worth reading: “The New Handmaids: The future of reproductive rights, as seen in three young adult novels,” by Chelsey Philpot.


“Welcome to the future, when condoms are illegal, orphaned teens are forced to bear children, and 16 is the mandated age to get knocked up. Is this what America will look like 25 years from now? In several recent post-apocalyptic young adult novels, young women aren’t battling to the death in a televised game or hiding from Big Brother. They’re fighting for control of their wombs.

Megan McCafferty’s Thumped is the second book in a satirical series, set in 2036 Princeton, N.J., about twin sisters with very different opinions of the patriotic obligation to “pregg.” Anna Carey’s Eve and Dan Wells’ Partials, meanwhile, have darker takes on the subject. All three stories portray a future of state-mandated pregnancies that seems all too plausible in a time when states force women into unnecessary ultrasounds and new abortion laws redefine when life begins.”

3 thoughts on “Fiction, Reproductive Rights, and Teens

  1. Another one to check out is Christopher Taffen’s “What Happened to Tom” – an allegory of forced pregnancy billed as a horror story. Indeed. Also billed as a must-read for every man – and I’d add, every woman who doesn’t think access to contraception and abortion is a, um, important.

  2. The article mentions Margaret Atwood’s classic _The Handmaid’s Tale_ as the precursor, but it seems worth mentioning here as well.

  3. You should also look at Lauren DeStefano’s Wither, where women only life until 20, are kidnapped and forced into polygamous marriages.

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