Diana Meyers: Distinguished Woman Philosopher 2012

The Society for Women in Philosophy is happy to announce that the winner of the 2012 Distinguished Woman Philosopher Award is Diana Meyers (Loyola University).

Diana Meyers has contributed original and innovative thought to philosophy and feminism for decades, providing new ways to conceptualize autonomy, victimhood, and human rights. Merging philosophy, politics, and personal identity, Meyers’s work has inspired many to strive for personal authenticity, while remaining philosophically rigorous. We applaud her tireless efforts to raise the visibility of women in philosophy through numerous editorial projects, including her editing involvement in Hypatia, and the APA Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy; we similarly applaud her efforts to change the general status of women in philosophy through participation in SWIP, FEAST, the APA Committee on the Status of Women, and others. Most particularly impressive, however, is the dedication Dr. Meyers has shown to mentoring and assisting students; we received many letters from students and former students who gained inspiration and direct assistance from Dr. Meyers.

There will be a panel and reception celebrating Dr. Meyers at the 2012 Eastern APA

Congraulations, Diana Meyers!!