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Last chance for comments on DSM-5 June 5, 2012

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This page allows easy registering to make comments. It also contains some lists of changes and, in at least some cases, explanations of why they were made.

I did find the explanations for reclassification of personality disorders clear and interesting. Being cowardly, I haven’t yet looked at the entry on gender dysmorphia.


3 Responses to “Last chance for comments on DSM-5”

  1. Rebecca Kukla Says:

    No need for bravery in looking at the gender dysmorphia entry, imho. I can come up with criticisms – for instance the language of gender is overly and unnecessarily binary throughout. But I think the DSM folks deserve credit for having responded thoughtfully to criticism. I think it’s built into the nature of a classificatory diagnosis manual like this, with all the social power that comes with it, that capturing ‘conditions’ that go to the heart of complex identities will be next to impossible to do perfectly. But I think this is a remarkably progressive and careful entry, all things considered.

  2. Matt Drabek Says:

    I think Rebecca’s comments are fair. There are plenty of things to criticize in the new DSM, but the folks who are working on it deserve to be commended for opening it up to comments and responding to them. The folks working on the paraphilias were particularly open to the communities sub-communities with whom they’ve had rocky relationships in the past.

  3. annejjacobson Says:

    For people who are in need of background, here are some of the initial complaints made a year ago:


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