Engendering Dialogue

Engendering Dialogue III: Pedagogical Encounters: Feminist Philosophy and Education

University of Dundee, 22-23 June 2012

PROVISIONAL PROGRAMME: http://engenderingdialogue.wordpress.com/2012/05/21/engendering-dia/ 

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Engendering Dialogue: this conference is the last of three events being organised as part of a Royal Society of Edinburgh funded Network in the Arts and Humanities hosted by the Philosophy Programme at the University of Dundee. The Network’s aim is to engender dialogue between feminist philosophers and other key areas of contemporary philosophical debate. The first event focussed on feminist philosophy and philosophy of cognitive science, and the second on art, gender, and the futures of feminism.
See website for further information:http://engenderingdialogue.wordpress.com/

The Orvillecoptor

Here’s the story, from the Guardian: After his cat Orville died, Dutch artist Bart Jansen decided to give him a new lease of life … by having him stuffed, attaching propellers to him and flying him around as a radio controlled helicopter. He’s now on show at an art festival. Apparently Orville was hit by […]

Cordelia Fine on CBC

“Are there differences between the male and female brain?: In 1797, the English clergyman Thomas Gisborne wrote a popular book called, An Enquiry into the Duties of the Female Sex. It outlined the different mental abilities of men and women and was a Victorian best-seller. Today many scientists believe there is a male and female brain. Australian academic psychologist Cordelia Fine begs to differ. She has written several books about brain development and the science of sex differences. The latest is Delusions of Gender: The Real Science Behind Sex Differences. Cordelia Fine speaks with IDEAS producer Mary O’Connell.”

Listen here.