10 Reasons Not to See Snow White and the Huntsman

If you haven’t read it yet, head over to the Ms. Magazine Blog and check out Natalie Wilson’s scathing review of Snow White and the Huntsman — smart and snarky and definitely worth the time.


Snow White, the most passive “heroine” in history. This version of Snow White is special not because of what she does, but because of who she is. She is full of natural goodness–healing those around her with her very presence, bringing about magic with that beautiful green-eyed gaze and pouty lip-bite. Yes, near the end she finally grabs a sword and some armor, but it’s too little, too late.

The post is also pretty impressive in the “faint praise” department: “All that being said, there were a few good points. Hmmmm. Let’s see. Kristen Stewart has perfect eyebrows.”

Thanks, CB!