An immigrant in limbo between two Americas

“Maria Gomez, a UCLA graduate with a master’s in architecture, grew up believing in the American Dream while living in its shadows as an illegal immigrant.”

An immigrant in limbo between two Americas, by Christopher Goffard, Los Angeles Times (June 8, 2012)

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… makes me think of my grandparents migration, my parents work, and how my situation(s) in the world relates to the situations of others… What do readers think of Maria Gomez? Does this story about her relate in any particular ways to your views of certain stereotypes or your moral judgments about immigration?

One thought on “An immigrant in limbo between two Americas

  1. The courage, work, & accomplishments of Maria Gomez certailnly inspire me. This really makes me think about the apparent hypocricy in anti-immigration policy.
    Wasn’t much of this country built through the efforts of immigrants? Of people like Maria Gomez.

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