Tell the Home Office what you think about same-sex marriage

You have till Thursday to take part in the public consultation on the proposed changes to laws governing civil partnerships and  marriages in the UK. It takes about five minutes to fill out the form. No doubt there will be, ahem, interested organisations mobilising their membership, so let’s mobilise ourselves in response.

Direct link to consultation survey form.

Stonewall background and information page.

One thought on “Tell the Home Office what you think about same-sex marriage

  1. Thanks for the link. All filled it.

    It’s very bizarre that they are only going to allow civil same-sex marriage. The UK will actually enforce that a religion cannot marry gay couples even though the courts will be able to! So, they want to violate religious freedom in order to discriminate against same sex couples.

    Just goes to show how incoherent the opposition to same sex marriage is.

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