Check it out – a sign made entirely of fail

Elizabeth Harman took this photo of a sign posted near some renovation work at a local shopping mall in Princeton.

That’s right, ladies. When men whistle at you in the street, it’s just their way of complimenting you for being so pretty! And anyway, it’s obviously your fault that they whistle. Since, well, you appeared in public while being so pretty. Can’t you take a compliment?

16 thoughts on “Check it out – a sign made entirely of fail

  1. I shall say it here too, because if I were there…
    spray paint. giant hand, giving a finger. words: “We apologize for the gesture, but man, you morons are sexist.”

  2. These kind of topics are the main reason why I don’t take you feminists seriously anymore…

  3. And how degrading/sexist to whomever they are hiring to do the construction work.

  4. So, do only women shop at the mall? Just curious as to why the mall feels they only have to apologize to women for the construction.

  5. Oh, I’m sure men shop there occasionally. But everyone knows only women get upset about minor annoyances like construction. Especially if they’re on their periods.

  6. There was a deliciously subversive sketch by Canadian comedy troupe Kids in the Hall that sends this up: 3 construction workers, watching women go by, and talking about them respectfully. It breaks the catcall trope so radically that it’s fantastically funny. I tried to find a link to it online but no luck (so far). Does anyone happen to know it?

  7. I do! Like many a Kids in the Hall sketch, it is very awesome! Ahhh . . . the memories!

  8. Here is the link to the kids in the hall sketch, Politically Correct Construction Workers:

    addition: Oops, this is 3rd Klass: Vince Mannella, Hunter Collins and Bryan O’Gorman, not kids in the hall. sorry.

  9. With reference to what Mackenzie says, it would be interesting to do an in-depth study of the construction workers to see what percentage of them take part actively in the sexist whistling and name-calling, what percentage passively accept it, what percentage find it sexist and in bad taste and yet do not complain out of conformity, what percentage voice criticism, etc.

    I doubt that all construction-workers are sexist.

  10. Sorry I don’t get the video…I think if construction workers were yelling intellectual things at me I would still feel creeped out? Mind your own fucking business? What the hell can anyone know just from watching you walk by? And REALLY is that sign so offensive? Someone was just trying to come up with a funnier way of saying PARDON OUR DUST…I’m quite sure if one of the workers was whistling at mall goers they would have their ass in a sling. Does everything have to be PC. What has happened to our sense of humour? I think it shows that they know the wolf calls are inappropriate and disruptive just like the Dust and Blocked off Entry Ways that are created by construction in a Mall. And they wanted to get that point across. The world will be a very bland place if everything is okay with everybody….you need the bad to recognize the good. I say get over it.

  11. Alpha: that’s not Kids in the Hall. That’s someone else using a similar sketch.

  12. FFA: What’s offensive about the sign as I read it is that its message is “harassment is like disruption due to building works: annoying but inevitable, and something we should all accept because it’s for the greater good.”

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