Like father, like son…

No, this not a meditation for father’s day. Rather, the phrase popped into my head when I asked myself what you’d expect if some guys had the nifty idea of inventing the Unemployed Philosophers Guild, a sort of web store.

Well, maybe this joke:

There’s a bad joke: The engineer asks ‘how can I build that?’ the scientist asks ‘how does it work?’ and the philosopher asks ‘do you want fries with that?’  In all fairness to the Philosopher, he’s probably not referring to ontological French fries, but the 18th centrury thinker Jacob Fries. 

You think that’s employing a gender neutral pronoun “he”? Sure.

You can find it easily using Google. O, and don’t miss the magnetic Marilyn Monroe. You know, stick her on the fridge, dress her…

Really neat name though.