On News-stands Now(ish): Scientific American Mind

Did anyone pick up a copy of this special issue by any chance? And if so, is it as bad as it sounds? (e.g.: WE chaps make the jokes, and YOU ladies laugh, all right?)

UPDATE: Apologies for the excessive size, I’ve trimmed it down now. Also, I saw this on a news-stand in Cambridge a matter of a few weeks ago, so I’m surprised to discover in comments that it’s from 2010. Maybe just overstock being sold off? Anyway, thank you to commenters for the links. Sounds like there was a touch of the usual sensationalist false advertising being employed here.


6 thoughts on “On News-stands Now(ish): Scientific American Mind

  1. Its from March 2010. And the cover is remarkably similar to one from a 1980 Newsweek with the same schtick. I opened my Summer course with the Newsweek and a student brought the SA issue to my attention.

  2. but from the site:

    The Truth about Boys and Girls
    The preference for playing hockey, or house, is far from fixed. Sex differences in the brain are small—unless grown-up assumptions magnify them

  3. I find this to be an interesting and fairly widespread phenomenon: Essentialism about X is used to advertise a piece about X that on the whole undermines essentialism about X. This seems to me at least part of what is going on here. What do you think? Have you seen this too?

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