Women should self-nominate!

As a co-contributor follow-up to the post below, I want to add that the APA message that went out specifically notes something which should be of interest to our readers especially:

We have received a good number of nominations to date.  We are, however, in particular need of nominations for most of the diversity committees (Asian and Asian-American Philosophers and Philosophies, Black Philosophers, Hispanics, Indigenous Philosophers, LGBT People in the Profession, and the Status of Women).  Additionally, we are short on nominations for the committees on Academic Career Opportunities and Placement, International Cooperation, Status and Future of the Profession, Philosophy and Computers, Non-Academic Careers, and Philosophy in Two-Year Colleges.

Please consider nominating either yourself or someone else.

I can see the committee nomination page (when I log on to apaonline, then click the phrase ‘Members Only’ on the upper-right, it takes me to a page with a left-hand column including “Committee Nominations,” the sixth item under Members Only).  So if you need my help, please email me at profbigk [at] gmail [dot] com, and I will gladly nominate you!  I am rotating off of the committee on the Status of Women, and not re-upping because chairing my department in fall requires my attention.  It’s a great committee!  Please think about participating.  You’ll meet awesome people and talk about neat topics like the status of women in philosophy!

4 thoughts on “Women should self-nominate!

  1. Anyone have advice as to where to look for information about the nature and degree of commitment in joining Status of Women or Black Philosophers?

  2. I’ve served on Status of Women. It’s a low-load committee, and our primary efforts were the semi-annual planning of upcoming sessions at APAs. I was a bit more involved in providing some support to Peggy DesAutels as she mounted the off-site webpage [www.apaonlinecsw.org], but one can be as involved or not as one prefers.

  3. Wondering if it is unwise choice for someone who is junior. All things being equal (absent information about my particularities) yay or nay?

  4. It isn’t inherently unwise for junior members, but depends on your plans. In the recent past, the CSW has tried to throw together meetings of those of its members at each APA, so if you were determined not to go to the Eastern OR Pacific OR Central APAs in the next couple of years, then such service is unwise. But if you were planning to go to one of them, anyway, I don’t see the loss.

    The other aspect of service to the committee that I’ve engaged in is the session-planning and speaker-inviting stuff, but what that may cost in time it also may make up for in social networking and philosophical engagement, so I found it rewarding. YMMV.

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