Anna Morandi: 18th C Anatomist and Sculptor

I just came across these absolutely amazing wax sculptures made by anatomist Anna Morandi.

Here’s her self-portrait (with dissected head, of course.)


“Medical Venuses” were a popular attraction among the anatomical wax models of the day, life-size figures of reclining, naked women, sometimes wearing pearls, whose stomachs were flayed to reveal the female reproductive system. Instead, Morandi tore away the fig leaf of the opposite sex, mastering the anatomy of the male reproductive system.

I am so ordering the book.

5 thoughts on “Anna Morandi: 18th C Anatomist and Sculptor

  1. I just ordered it from amazon, so now there are three copies left.

    there’s a curious second comment on the book. Apparently Pope Benedict the something or other encouraged anatomy – perhaps her work in particular – and for this and other reasons there was a conference at Wash U, where the author of the book is located, in April on Benedict as the Enlightenment pope. The author of the comment is dismayed that all the talk about his, and the book itself, say nothing about the rabid anti-semitism he apparently encouraged.

    The comment may not be right, and I ordered the book anyway, but it does raise questions of a really important sort.

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