Online discussion of Animal Others

“Hypatia is trying something new and exciting by hosting an online discussion that features a published invited symposium from the Animal Others special issue. We are inviting you to join this free online discussion forum scheduled to run July 9 to 13.  The invited symposium “Feminists Encountering Animals,” which has just been published in the Animal Others special issue, will be open for public comments and live debate. Co-editors Lori Gruen (Ethics and Animals:  An Introduction) and Kari Weil (Thinking Animals:  Why Animal Studies Now) invited six feminist scholars to voice their thoughts, concerns, and hopes about current debates within animal studies.  The co-editors and symposium authors will take part in the online discussion forum providing commentary and real-time interaction among participants and authors, creating a lively discussion that extends beyond the printed page.  Links for free access to the entire special issue will also be provided. The first posts will go live at 11 A.M. EST on Mon, July 9 and can be found at the following address: No registration is necessary.”


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