But in APA land, it’s Friday

Hold off on requests to be nominated for committees, which can only be done in the Member Services section of the APAonline site.  Of course, according to the site, “The Members Only section will be unavailable from Friday, June 29 through Sunday, July 1, 2012.”

It is unavailable today.

It is unavailable starting Friday.

Therefore, today is Friday.

VALID! Hmph.

Hypatia Virtual Issue: Open Access

     From the editors:
Hypatia has just published a new Virtual Issue: an open access, online collection of articles on women in philosophy published by Hypatia over the years, assembled by Hypatia co-editor, Ann Cudd.
This virtual issue features the excellent paper, “Quantifying the Gender Gap,” by Molly Paxton, Carrie Figdor and Valerie Tiberius. It will appear as a Musing in the Fall issue of Hypatia (27.4), and has just been published online, on EarlyView.
Read this article on EarlyView
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It’s available for free download here. 

Who is the ideal academic?

“This debate considers the constitution of the ideal academic in the contemporary university. Is the image of the ideal constant or has it changed to suit the prevailing mores of the 21st century? Is it still gendered or is it now imagined in neutral terms? Hear Professor Margaret Thornton speak on The Mirage of Merit: Constructing the ‘Ideal Academic’, and commentators Professor Ian Young, ANU Vice Chancellor, Professor Allison Booth, ANU College of Business & Economics, Professor Aidan Byrne, Dean, ANU College of Mathematics & Physical Sciences.”

Listen to the podcast from the Australian National University here.