Al-Saji edits new Feminist section of Philosophy Compass

Philosophy Compass now offers a section on Feminist Philosophy, and its first editor is Alia Al-Saji (McGill),

who is currently commissioning articles to be published in 2013.  In the meantime, the section homepage will feature previously-published Philosophy Compass articles that touch on aspects of feminist philosophy. Welcome aboard, Alia!  [See their whole announcement and Al-Saji’s full bio here.]

This is great news for feminist philosophers, especially since Philosophy Compass aims to be a guide offering a survey of the field with attention to “what is happening right now in philosophy.”  That’s right, Feminist Philosophy is happening! You know it.

While they get the section filled in with new contributions, the section site currently offers a very interesting backlist of previous contributions of interest to feminists.  So if it’s been a while since you read Lori Watson on pornography, Shannon Winnubst on temporality, or Margaret Davies on feminist legal theory, check it out!

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