Obama’s health-care law upheld by Supreme Court

It’s a 5-4 decision with Roberts being the key supporter.  “Ginsburg’s summation seemed to serve as the bottom line: ‘In the end, the Affordable Health Care Act survives largely unscathed.'”

Words cannot express my gratitude, however temporary this may be.  When I moved away from the USA, it broke my heart to think I might never be able to move back as long as getting health insurance would be barred to those of us with pre-existing conditions.

Perhaps the decision even curtails government power, a bit?  It’s too early for me to care; right now my heart is singing happy, hopeful tunes!

UPDATED: Best coverage on SCOTUSblog, naturally.

4 thoughts on “Obama’s health-care law upheld by Supreme Court

  1. I have been worried sick for some time about an uninsured family member with a pre-existing condition. Even two academics with salaries and savings are threatened by the crazy ‘system’ that currently exists.

  2. Have you seen all the collections of tweets from people saying that now they will move to Canada . . . to get away from socialized health care . . . It’s really a crack-up.

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