13 thoughts on “Can this be real??

  1. I’m pretty sure it’s real in the sense that people are writing these things. But I’m pretty sure that what it’s really telling us is that the internet needs sarcasm tags, urgently. I hope so, anyway.

  2. Some of those are clearly sarcastic, but others seem just as clearly clueless. Heh. I look forward to their standing around my local hospital here in Canada with signs saying “Free doctor’s visits are tyranny!”

  3. Clueless is the word, for sure. Good riddance! And hopefully Rush will make good on his threat to move to Costa Rica!

  4. Yeah, and let’s be sure to tell them that our dogs can get surgery, not to mention the results of a biopsy for a suspicious lump, within a week. But we humans have to wait six months and longer. (After which time, surgery might be, um, unnecessary.)

    Not to mention that they’ll all be on long waiting lists just to GET a personal physician (otherwise known, irritatingly, as a family doctor).

  5. To be fair, the supreme court just entrenched a health care system that is far worse than Canada’s. Maybe they are just annoyed the reforms didn’t go farther and sick of waiting? ;)

  6. Let them leave before the election.

    It’s funny that most of them haven’t put any thought in how to achieve immigration status in Canada, except the one who says that he’ll marry a Canadian.

  7. I agree with good riddance, and also, let them leave before the election. Yeah, go to Canada where there is socialized medicine! What is the logic in that?

  8. Andreas:

    But then they’ll arrive here in time for *our* next election! *shudder*

  9. I checked up on several of them; their comments were clearly meant ironically. Some of the responses they were getting were really horrible.

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