4 thoughts on “The sunday cat is pretty keen about cat ladies

  1. 1) Cats like living in a social group, so in some ways this sort of thing is probably better for many of them.

    2) So long as the large number of cats isn’t leading to significant health concerns for the cats, the owner, or others near by, I don’t see that it’s anyone’s business but the person’s (and the cats’)

    3) I wonder how much stereotypes play into how the authorities deal with this sort of thing.

    4) Even if there’s a problem, I suspect it would often be better to help the “cat lady” provide a better home to a smaller number of cats.

  2. Matt, it was very late when I got around to putting thiscup; I didn’t have the enery to go into the sort of issues you are raising. I gather, though, that there can be some awful forms of cat hoarding.

  3. Oh, sure Anne- I agree that there can be seriously problematic cases, but I’d say those are ones where the cats are not healthy or it’s a major health threat to the larger area. That didn’t seem to be the case from the clip here. (I’ve seen a clip on Animal Planet of a bad case, but couldn’t watch the full thing- not because of the situation of the cats, which wasn’t great, but because the whole thing was very exploitative, only a bit better than those “You are/are not the father!” bits on the Montel Williams show. I’m actually really sorry to see Animal Planet, which was at one time mostly very educational shows, do that sort of thing, but they often do now.)

  4. I agree about animal planet, though I am still fond of ‘my cat from hell’. I also didn’t think any of the ones on the clip were bad, though one woman is in some distress.

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