3 thoughts on “Cohabitation illegal in five states

  1. Well, there’s another law I’m breaking.

    But more seriously, thanks for posting the interview. If I had been presented with this fact, I’d have probably just dismissed it as another case of silly laws being accidentally left on the books past their expiration date. But the interviewee does a nice job of tracing the history of cohabitation law and its interconnections with other laws.

  2. Cohabitation is illegal in four states: Mississippi, Virginia, Florida, and Michigan. There is such a law in the North Carolina books but it has been struck down in superior court. After the Lawrence v. Texas case that struck down sodomy laws in Texas and elsewhere and the Martin v. Ziherl case that struck down Virginia’s fornication law, it is commonly believed that such anti-cohabitation laws are also unconstitutional. In any case, these laws are unlikely to be enforced and the books are full of obsolete laws that nobody will bother deleting until some idiot tries to enforce them. So: yes, it’s silly; no, there isn’t much to worry about.

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