July is Disability Pride Month!

Happy Disability Pride Month, everybody! (If you’re reading this and thinking “Wait, Disability Pride? Is that a thing?” Yeah, it’s a thing. Read on for more.)

Chicago’s 9th annual Disability Pride Parade will be held July 21. Other cities now hold similar events, but the Chicago parade is the original and still the biggest. The parade’s website has a nice “Why Disability Pride?” section that gives a good primer on the movement’s goals and ethos.

The Daily Kos published a lovely piece by Laurie Crosby recently about her decision to attend this year’s parade. Both the article and the comments are very much worth reading.

Over the course of this month, I’ll be doing a series of Disability Pride-related posts. Stay tuned!

One thought on “July is Disability Pride Month!

  1. Love, love, love this excerpt from the Crosby post:

    “Disability Pride celebrates the outer facets of human experience; it celebrates that dance that we do out on the limbs of society. We do not live in the core, safe parts of the world; we live on cliff edges and in between the cracks where there are wonders to be found. We march to celebrate those found treasures, those journeys, those expeditions where we gather knowledge and little-lived experiences to bring back to the masses. Our bodies and minds pull us inexorably toward the outer rivers of creativity that are the same tributaries that feed artists, writers and music-makers. Some of us return as artists ourselves; and still others of us return with jewels in our pockets, not to show but to enrich our inner selves, which inevitably enriches those around us. God seldom lives in the safe places…

    Some, including myself, may say, Disability Pride? That’s weird. Yes, it is. And weirdness is going on parade.”

    Thank you for sharing.

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