7 thoughts on “The pathology of white privilege

  1. According to the Assessor of Property for Davidson County TN, Tim Wise lives in a house worth $639,300. The neighborhood he lives in, in Census Tract 134, is 97% white and ZERO PERCENT BLACK. The “benefits of diversity” (high levels of violent crime, bad schools, lack of community, filthy environment) are for poor and middle class people, not for prosperous “anti-racists” like Tim Wise. “Anti racists” (really, they’re more like anti-whites) generally don’t practise what they preach. Look him up yourself:
    here’s his house: http://www.padctnwebpro.com/WebproNashville/Summary.asp?A1=4692156&A2=1
    here’s a tool for finding demographic data: http://projects.nytimes.com/census/2010/explorer

  2. Pechorin, Tim Wise emphasizes throughout that white people have privileges that black and latino people do not have because of “systematic and institutionalized injustice.” He’s living the privledged life that he is describing. How is that not practicing what he preaches?

  3. Is the goal of equality for all people who have more to give up what they have or is the goal that abundance should be spread around more equitably?..
    to nwgergir
    Do you think that YOU should give up your lifestyle if you are the kind of messenger that Tim Wise is? Isn’t that shooting the messenger/attacking the person who wakes others up? Shouldn’t whites who want to understand how racism really affects us all appreciate his work…i.e. if we want to become better human beings, more honest human beings?

  4. Such talks are necessary, as unbelievably, some people still don’t know the facts discussed. But God I despise the rhetoric. “White reality”, “black reality”, “white truth”, the constant running together of mere descriptions and causal explanations, the confusing of race and class . . . .

    My impulse is that the rhetoric only gets in the way of actually solving problems.

  5. TW makes the point that his role is partly dependent on looking so well off.

    Ajk, the worry about rhetoric and solutions seems profound.

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