Let’s go to a spa meeting for neurotics!

Most people doing philosophy become aware of typographical mistakes that should be avoided. Confusing “causal” and “casual” is one of them, maybe indeed the most famous.

I’ve become aware of two ones that are new to me. For reasons I do not understand, my mac airbook leads me to type “spa” for “apa”. The other is due to the automatic correcting that computers go in for. For example, mac insists on “neurotics” for “neuroethics.” So you might get an invitation from me for a spa meeting in New Orleans in February, 2013 for neurotics.

Anyone else have new problems? Or perhaps you could remind us of some interesting old ones.

APA: Best Practices in Journal Publishing

UPDATED: It was brought to my attention that the Handbook on Placement was similarly unsung and behind a subscription-only firewall.  I’ve added that to the Publications page of the Status of Women site (linked to below).

I’ve posted this on the offsite webpage of the Committee on the Status of Women:

The May 2012 issue of the APA Proceedings ( Vol. 85, No. 5) includes a statement on Best Practices for Journals on pp. 59-63, which we excerpt here [full text linked there] for those who cannot access the Publications available on the Members Only site of APAonline.

This was drafted by many members including those on the Committee on the Status and Future of the Profession, and journal editors such as Thom Brooks and Carol Gould, and includes the following sections:

I Guidelines for Journals

II Guidelines for Authors

III Guidelines for Referees

IV Editorial Practices Related to Copyright and Publication.

Thanks to all those who worked on and deliberated over the Statement!

The sunday cat extols the virtues of guard cats

Many thnks to EB.

“The Hermitage Museum hires “Guard Cats” to protect artwork.

The team of tailed guards consists mainly of alley cats, and like in the imperial times, the cat community hinges on strict hierarchy. The cats fall into aristocrats, the middle caste, and the low caste. Each group operates within a certain designated part of the building. The cat staff cannot exceed 50-60 cats, not because they’ll be difficult to look after in terms of cat food. If the number of cats exceeds 60, they start cat fights and neglect their duties. For this reason, from time to time, the museum has to look for people who would adopt extra cats.

The felines are carefully named by museum employees based on their personalities. They even have their own holiday on March 28, where they receive special treats.”